Third Party Reviews

Mark Hill | March 16, 2018 |

"Been going to this location exclusively for a while, and once I found a good stylist had consistent quality cuts when I requested that stylist. I won't be returning to sport clips again however due to the pressure the stylists are putting on the customer to upsell hair loss products. About half of the conversation had during my cut was about how my hair was thinning, and this magical product will stop it. Wow if I don't act now and use this product now my follicles will shrink and never return healthy. Asking about my parents and grandparents hair and saying "I bet they wish they had this product around when they were your age" is pretty cheap. I understand the stylists are pressured from their managers to push products but making the customer uncomfortable through fear tactics to make a sale is pretty low. Ok haircuts for 20 bucks but not returning due to the shoddy sales pressuring tactics. Thanks but not again."

Luke Brock | February 17, 2018 |

"Absolutely terrible! Told lady to cut my hair in back and cut an inch off front. VERY MAD"

Kurt G. | October 16, 2009 |

"Haircut- $14.00 MVP treatment- No thank you Watching random ESPN clips for 17 minutes- free Tip- $4.00 Walking out looking exactly like Adolph Hitler- Priceless What school do "stylists" go to that trains them to comb a mans hair abso-effin-lutley nothing like his hair when he came in. I am not sure but I do not think I like walking out with slicked down combed over Hitler hair. Now read this in your best German accent- bleiben Sie um jeden Preis fern"

Eric P. | December 18, 2010 |

"Very surprised that I got such a good haircut here. I will go back for sure. They didn't try to upsell me on a bunch of product or their shave."

Ethan K. | October 24, 2011 |

"Kalei is one of the most talented stylists at the Westlake Sport Clips. The rest of the ladies are excellent as well. This is the best Sport Clips location I've been to (I've been to 8 or 9)."

Jonathan F. | October 27, 2012 |

"Fantastic cut. Sara was very friendly and professional. The MVP is worth the money"

Bob H. | January 24, 2014 |

"In general, I don't like the ambiance, I could care less about the sports, and the TV volume is way too loud. Beyond that (and I don't like revealing this because it may increase wait times), Rose is awesome! She is the reason I have been going here for years. Many of my friends in Westlake say the same thing. I have had haircuts with other stylists when I didn't plan ahead, and they were decent, but Rose consistently gives a top-notch haircut and her demeanor is always relaxed and very courteous. I hope the owners recognize the asset they have in her."

Jim B. | March 26, 2014 |

"One night had a haircut emergency. Gave myself a haircut and messed up. I had the work the next day and work in a professional atmosphere so I needed a fix up badly. I call to let them know I will be showing up right at 8 ( when they close). I managed to get there two minutes before and they had already locked up and saw the nesecary haircut I needed and said "nope, sorry we are closed". I ask can a stylist not stay late for 15 minutes and help me out? "Nope sorry we are closed". So I went across town to a Great Clips where I got better service. I am disappointed I have been going to Sport Clips for over 8 years and this location had terrible customer service and customer care. In this situation they did not put the customer first. I will not be returning to this location, despite its proximity, due to the employees lack of empathy. If I could out a half star I would."

Keith R. | April 25, 2015 |

"Seriously eff this place. I went because my roommate said he likes it. He needs a lobotomy. I got in there at 10:50 on a Saturday. I was third on the list and waited. It is a clean place. It's comfortable to sit in. But after 40 mins that charm wore off. There were plenty of stylists. Four of them in fact. And each one had the most interesting routine of walking around. Vacuuming where there was no hair. Watching the TV. Talking to each other. And drinking water. For 10 minutes I watched one stylist cut hair, and three of them chat and putt around. I would have stayed longer out of pure fascination: "How long could they possibly ignore me and the three guys that came in after me?" But I had to leave. Had a date to get to. With shaggy hair. If this date goes poorly I blame sport clips. Do yourself a favor, spennd the extra 5 bucks and go to Birds. They'll at least acknowledge you and give you updates when you sit there for 40 mins."

Dustin Z. | May 08, 2015 |

"Not only is this place under staffed (2 employees on a Friday) but the girls working there are LAZY AS F###. There were only 2 people in front of me and after 40 minutes of waiting I decided to leave and never come back. THAT'S WHY YOU SCHEDULE HAIR APPOINTMENTS YOU RETARDS!!!"